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April 01, 2009


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a girl

She is a copycat. I wouldn't be proud to call her a friend. She totally stole Lauren Naseff illustrations. You tell that bitch her career is over.


Yeah, what an absolute shithead of a woman your friend is.

another girl

Wonder if she stole that design, too?


Can we have a better look at that scarf so that I can figure out where else Samantha gets her inspiration (read: traces) from?


Theres no call for name calling on someone elses blog. Yes it seems Samatha Beeston did fraudulently use another artist work to earn a degree and has since used the same work to win a competition but I don't see the nead for posting swearing and abuse on some elese website? Grow up.


Sorry to hurt your feelings Steve, won't happen again.

You know, it isn't cool to bust balls on a third party's website but the outrage is understandable. Sorry your friend fucked up so hard, it's embarassing for EVERYONE involved. If Sam is your good friend maybe you can put a bug in her ear about apologizing publicly. It's shitty to go on thinking she isn't sorry and will just hide until it all blows over. Everyone screws up (some just worse than others) and an apology would go a long way to brings back some integrity to her name.


How ironic that you've put "design rights" under this picture. Its not big & clever to swear & comment on another persons blog but you've put these images up so people have the right to make a comment about it. Samantha Beeston steals creativity from other people. She is not big & clever for making a mockery of a design degree & a textile prize. Grow up, apologise & payback the £750.


Wow, i just came accross all of this about Samantha Beeston...I must say i am discusted to hear the extent of her theft. I myself went to Falmouth and graduated in the same year, I acheived a first class degree and worked damn hard for it...i believe that samantha also acheived a first which angers me hugely considering all she obviously used to get it was a wod of tracing paper! I hope Falmouth have heard of this and if they wish to reain their excellent repuation they should retract her degree!!
Whilst in my third year i heard lots of stories about this girl she obviously has a compusive sickness and feeling of huge inadequacy to not only steel from the works of Lauren Naseff but of fellow classmates too. Gudluck Samantha...your obvioudly going to need it!

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